OME is India’s premier sports, leisure and entertainment destination – and for good reason, with over 50 activities taking place under one roof. DOME has the character, facilities and space to metamorphose into the precise location you’re looking for. With a massive capacity in stadium-seating style and state-of-the-art audio systems, the sounds of your event ripple through the arena with unmatched clarity.

No matter what the event, formal or informal, you can count upon us to make the event a success. The beautiful promenade where the arena now resides is almost 5 years old and in this half decade, our track record includes numerous music concerts, stand-up comedy shows, Corporate product launches, exhibitions and seminars of all shapes and sizes, including Bridal Asia.

The ambience can as easily be transformed to style the space as an opulent Banquet Hall, as it can to be the perfect arena to host International performers of every stature and genre. Our experienced team of professionals approach every event, large or small, with a dedicated focus, providing you the level of comfort level you have  come to expect from the best.,

The DOME arena also has multi-cuisine banquet serving Indian, Continental, Pan-Asian, Mexican and Lebanese food, flush with live counters that cook up delicacies to suit each guest’s tastes. With unmatched variety and quality, we give you the bespoke experience you deserve.