n today’s world of high-tech video games across a bevy of digital platforms and devices, it is easy to forget about the thinking man’s game. But chess remains unchanged in that none of these devices can replace the touch and feel of a real chess board and its distinct pieces.

It is a sport that requires skill, patience, planning, and imagination and works just as well to spend time with a friend or as a standalone intellectual pursuit. It even has certain benefits like improved maths-problem solving and comprehension and significant improvement in memory and verbal reasoning.

There are 2 chess boards in the fully air-conditioned NSCI Table Tennis Room. Members can avail of multiple food options right outside.

Carrom Room is supervised by convenor Mr. Kailash Nichani and sub-committee members.

Mon To Fri 06:30 AM  02:30 PM
01:00 PM 09:30 PM
Sat & Sun 06:30 AM 03:30 PM
01:30 PM  09:30 PM
Bank Holiday 06:30 AM 03:30 PM
01:30 PM 09:30 PM