Kids Kingdom

ids Kingdom is an outdoor play center exclusively designed for kids up to age 12. As always, safety for your young ones is of paramount importance to us and to this end, we have a security guard ever present at the playground and a first aid kit nearby.

We even have staff available in the playground to oversee the kids and ensure there is no foul play and the focus is exclusively on having a great time. For parents or helpers, there is a spacious gazebo section for parents to relax in the shade with their favorite book or coffee, as the young bucks frolic to their hearts content.

With an assortment of swings, see saws, slides, rope climbing and a trampoline (only for ages 5 and below), there’s a little something to tickle every child’s individual fancy.

Mon To Fri 09.00 AM 09.00 PM
Sat & Sun 09.00 AM 09.00 PM
Bank Holiday 09.00 AM 09.00 PM