Kidz Corner

irst and foremost, we are concerned about the health and safety of your children. We cannot emphasize this enough. Our trained and experienced staffers are aware and well-versed with requisite safety, First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation procedures. We always have a security guard outside the space and multiple cameras on site for additional safety.

Once you get here, you will observe that the tuning between staff and children is excellent – both friendly and authoritative as the situation demands. The only major rules to follow are to leave your food and footwear outside and to keep a close eye on your personal toys inside. Our goal is for your kids to have a great time and you to have peace of mind as you avail of the club’s seemingly never ending array of activities and facilities.

Kidz Corner is proud to offer a wide range of children’s activities to its members. Children of all ages can enjoy afternoon activities right here on the property. We have ball pools, slides, books, soft toys and an assortment games and more added every month! We even have a Sony Playstation, and X-Box and a Nintendo Wii for the slightly older kids to stay engaged and entertained.

In the past, we have offered after-school activities such as dance, soccer, arts and crafts, painting, basketball, Zumba, tennis and golf. Members also have the choice of sending their kids to winter, spring and summer camps. Children can enjoy the fun of camp without being too far from home.

The Kidz Corner is open every day, even bank holidays, with the exception of the first Monday of every month from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Babysitting is available during the day as well as late nights on weekends.

For children ages 0-2, a caretaker is required to be present. One can be provided for you at a nominal fee.

For children ages 3-9, no supervision is required.

Mon To Fri 09.00 AM 09.00 PM
Sat & Sun 09.00 AM 09.00 PM
Bank Holiday 09.00 AM 09.00 PM